Sadly, I never did get to do anything with this project.  School gets faster and busier the closer I get to graduation, and life in general hasn’t been terribly kind.

I DO want to make the patterns I have, but it just may be at my own leisure and not as a contributiing member of the 1912 Project.  :(

This is my dedicated assistant, Florabelle, who has graciously agreed to assist me with my contributions to The 1912 Project.  As you can tell by both her expression and body language, she’s very excited by the prospect.  We are both anxiously awaiting our patterns from The 1912 folks. ;)

Happy new year to all!

I hope to have something postable on here soon.

I’m joining up with The 1912 project to test patterns from that era, in memory of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ‘Titanic’.

The fact that I’m a sucker for that era in fashion history is purely a coincidence. ;)

Here’s a link for them…



Ugh.  I haven’t even written anything yet on this bloody blog and I’m getting spammed up the wazoo.

To the spammers, a big fat Bronx cheer (that’s a raspberry, FYI) to you!


Well, a blog is not something I EVER thought I’d do.  I have a feeling that I still won’t use this too much, but if I use it for anything, it will be to track my costume design endeavors.